HELLO GENTLEMAN! You have come to the right place if you are a gentleman who is looking for a sensual break out with an excellent and stunning younger woman. Please get pleasure from reading my website.

Pleasure to meet you!

Let me tell you a little bit about myself.

I am Nicki Montgomery and proudly independent Escort in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

I, like you, have a lot of layers and a lot of depth. I’m a deep thinker with a genuine thirst for knowledge and a desire to learn about everything there is to know about life. As a theoretical math and college algebra instructor in addition to my two degrees, I am well knowledgeable. Moreover, my nuclear medicine GPA is 3.87. I may have chosen this path out of curiosity. Respect, kindness, openness, and humor are important to me. Those who don’t take themselves too seriously are greatly appreciated. It’s too short a life not to laugh, especially with good friends!

I am a small fantasy wrapped in the finest, standing just about five feet two inches tall and weighing about 135 Lb. I have a very lean, toned and yet still deliciously feminine body with a tastefully enhanced 34 C. I am a master of stripteases and other pleasures, finding it to be such a turn-on to lavish attention on you. 

I want to spend time with really amazing company, just like you do. We’re looking for that click—the one that electrifies the touch and causes a heartbeat to skip a beat in anticipation. I occupy the space between that effortless sense of affinity you reserve for your closest friends and the passionate entwining found in only the most private of lovers.

It would be my utmost pleasure to make your day more enjoyable and give you a chance to escape the busy and occasionally stressful pace of everyday life if I have sparked your attention and you feel intrigued about spending time in my company. Whether it’s for a fleeting meeting or whatever we decide it to be, being a part of my life is an adventure I hope you will look back on with fondness.


Nicki Montgomery

My current interests

There are more things I want to explore. Let’s live life to the fullest together! You can find dream dates on the Gifts and dates page.